Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cousin Jenna Visits

Cousin Jenna came to see us over spring break. Well really Auntie Cathie and Grandma & Grandpa came too but if you ask my boys it was all about having cousin Jenna at our house. I didn't take that many pictures which makes me sad. The first day we went sightseeing I left my camera at home and the second day we went sightseeing I drove around for an hour looking for parking and missed most of the museums they saw. Since I have seen everything before that wasn't that big of a deal. We wish we were healthier so we could have spent more time doing some other fun things. We did get to dye some Easter eggs and eat some meals out together and go hiking and swimming too. Hopefully, Jenna will remember a few things about DC other then her cousins lived there once. Thanks for the fun visit we miss you guys already. The boys are already talking about seeing cousin Jenna in Minnesota this summer.

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