Monday, May 13, 2013

Kings Dominion

 The view from the Eiffel Tower

 The whole clan minus the Dads

We spent Mother's Day at King's Dominion a huge amusement park in our area with some of our old friends from California. Had a blast riding rides and catching up. Both Jeremy and I realized we are getting old as our bodies didn't enjoy the abuse quite like they used to. Both boys loved every second of it. Nick's favorite ride was The Intimidator which if you look at the overall picture from up top of the Eiffel Tower it is the super big red and yellow one in the back with a straight vertical plunge. Aidan's favorite ride was the log chute which he rode 6 times. He wasn't big enough to go on most of the coasters but he braved everything he was tall enough to go on. Jeremy also did the pure free fall orange one in the middle with Grant. That was the only one Nick wouldn't ride. He said he giggled like a school girl it was so scary. We realized how blessed we are to have friends who years after being neighbors you can just pick up with and have a great time. The boys were like instant friends again and Aidan was still madly in love with Meg who was like a second Mom to him out in California. Thank you Archers for a wonderful day. Thank you also to my wonderful husband who spoiled me rotten with presents and an ice cream cake. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in my life who inspire me, encourage me, mentor me, pray for me and help me to be the best Mom I can be. Love you all!

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