Friday, November 30, 2012

Bass Pro Shops and Santa

Jeremy decided that his first weekend back he wanted to go spend all his gift cards from his birthday last year at the Bass Pro Shops. Luckily all 3 boys love that store because their was a 2 hour wait to see Santa Claus. They loved playing in the Christmas section and the toy section and the shooting range. Jeremy easily found enough stuff to use up all his gift cards and everyone was happy. Aidan mailed off a long wish list to Santa which included mostly radio controlled items. He also carried a toy gun around the store the entire time begging his Daddy to buy it for him. Daddy still said no and he cried as we exited the store. He is just like his Daddy and loves everything at that store. I am not sure when seeing Santa will become uncool but I love the tradition and hope it lasts for at least a few more years. And Meg A. we are so sorry we didn't get to see you and only got to see your bowling buddy aka Santa. Traffic was at a standstill when we got out of BPS and we decided we better head home before we were stuck down there forever.

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