Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Great Wolf Lodge

We had the best time at the Great Wolf Lodge with the boys. Nick said it was the best weekend of his whole life. The boys loved doing everything with Dad. Nick loved that the Tornado was open this time and him and his Dad rode it multiple times. Aidan was finally able to ride most of the big slides too so we were able to ride the big 4 person tube as a family this time which was fun to hear all three boys laughing the whole time. Many laughs were had and many wonderful memories made. We learned a lot during our first trip there which made this trip so much smoother. It was really neat to see it all lit up with Christmas lights this time and it snows inside at bedtime which was truly magical. They also had trolley rides with hot chocolate to see the outdoor lights. We bought the boys the Wolf Passes so they could do all the extras this time like the arcade, tattoos, making a stuffed wolf, making wolf bags at cub club and of course a trip to the ice cream parlor. The package also included their favorite game Magic quest and new wands to play with. They played that game for hours without any assistance this time which was really nice. It was a wonderful and exhausting way to recharge as a family.

Video of Aidan surfing

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